What Are Architectural Services?

What are architectural services? These are the services that are involved in the process of building construction. Architectural Services consist of a wide variety of professional services including: design & construction administration, construction documentation preparation, site investigation, site preparation, budget preparation, construction coordination, project management & estimating, technical equipment coordination, civil engineering services, mechanical drafting services, environmental consulting services, furniture adjustment, paving & stone work, roofing & stone repair, architectural engineering services, electrical & masonry inspection, plumbing services, mechanical design & construction coordination, HVAC services, construction law drafting, and mechanical drafting services. These are just a few of the services provided by an architectural firm.

What are construction documents? Construction documents are the documents that are required during the construction of a building or a structure. They include the plans, specification, drawings, blueprints, materials lists, and all other information relevant to the construction of a structure. These are used for various purposes such as: Planning and construction administration, financial and project management, safety and environmental documentation, and construction contract negotiations with various governmental agencies.

How do architectural services show up on my construction documents? The most important part of these documents are the plans and blueprints. In this section you will see the plans and the specifications for the construction of the building. This part includes: Project estimation, Pre-study preparation of design, Specification and design development, Contract proposal preparation, General architectural information, Site investigation, Environmental and water treatment compliance, and Structural analysis. All of these are extremely essential when it comes to planning and the preparation of construction documents.

How do I use architectural services to complete my project? The most common way to utilize architectural services is to utilize them for concept design development. Concept design development is the process in which you use the design specifications and other information from your specifications to plan and develop your concept. The most common concept design development software is AutoCAD. This software can be used to help you: Determine your site needs and constraints, Determine the appropriate foundation type, Define appropriate ventilation and lighting requirements, Identify structural details, Estimate roofing system, Define site features and detail vegetation

How do I prepare my architectural drawings? Once you have the architectural drawings in hand, you can begin the process of conceptualizing your project. During the conceptualization phase, the architectural firm will work closely with you to determine the end product. If you require additional assistance, you can usually ask your architectural services provider for assistance during this stage.

Do I need to get construction permits? In most instances, if you are completing a project on your own, without a builder’s license or any form of local government approval, you may need to get construction permits prior to beginning construction. Construction permits are necessary when building over private property as well as structures that will be placed on state or federal lands. It is extremely important that you obtain all necessary construction permits prior to beginning any project.

What are architectural services? As you can see, there are many reasons why you may need an architecture firm to complete a project. Some of the more common reasons include: You may want to design a new building that will have low costs and add a certain aesthetic value to your property. An architect can make the process much easier by providing you with an accurate blueprint and designing a construction plan that will not only meet your legal requirements but also allow you to save time and money.

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