Crack inspection

Appearing cracks on the wall is one of the stressful phenomena for the homeowner. The crack could be the cause of foundation weakness or just surface crack. luffpier company with expert specialists in house structure could help you to find it out.

Why is wall crack happening?

Actually, the ground at the bottom of your home foundation moves slightly because of weather changes. This small move is not dangerous, but they cause to appear tiny cracks in your house wall.

These tiny cracks could be repaired with paint, but if the cracks become more profound and longer, we recommended talking to the expert engineering in luffpier company that works in the structural and architectural field.

Why is the newly built house cracking?

Cracks on the wall of newly built houses are so common. The lumber used for the new build contains a high amount of moisture. After installation, they are going to dry out and shift a little bit. This small moving causes to appearing cracks on the walls. These minor cracks are not an important issue, and they could be fixed with repainting.

Why is vacant home wall cracking?

Home temperature control makes the home comfortable for you. In addition, it keeps drywall in excellent shape and prevents wall cracking anymore. The vacant home that because of rental property or new build home that was on the market for a while is the victim of wall cracking due to the lack of weather control. These cracks could vanish with retaping and repainting. Sometimes home builders are not installing drywall panels carefully, which could cause some cracks in the new walls.

Drywall panel joined together with drywall mud, then seam covered by paper and then painted. If this seam does not seal carefully, the tap starts separating after a while, and the cracks will appear on the walls. In these cases, you can use glue on the back of the tap and push it back. If it does not work, you should retape the whole of the walls and repaint it.

Is leaking caused to the walls cracking?

If the surrounding ambient of crack is colorful, like yellow or brown, it can be due to water leaking on the wall. Leaking of water occurs because of windows water or penetrate the roof water make drywall moisture and wet before anything you must find the sour of water and fixed it then repainting the drywall panel.

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