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Structural Engineer Company Sydney

If you’re planning to build a structure, you’ll need the services of a structural engineer. They specialize in building structures and will provide design and consulting services to get the job done properly. Luffpier is a Sydney-based structural engineering firm that specializes in designing, drafting, and consulting. The company has a team of experts that […]

Different types of Structural Engineering Projects

Structural engineers can work on the construction of new structures or with existing structures. The types of new structures are dams, bridges and buildings and roads. When the process of designing begins for a new structure it is usually a group composed of engineers (structural mechanical, electrical,) and architects, along with other disciplines. In the case of new […]

Which kind of crack is due to the foundation damage?

Which kind of crack is due to the foundation damage? Some of the sources of the cracks can be due to the foundation weakness. If crack wide is greater than one-fourth of inches, it is time to check your home by professionals. Foundation damage can be due to water damage, structure weakness, foundation slab, etc. […]

Building Structural Integrity – Ensure Better Protection To Homes

In construction, building structural components called as substructures or frames are essential for every building construction for supporting buildings, dams and monuments. Every building is built with the help of these construction materials. The fundamental building blocks in structural engineering are concrete, bricks, timber, steel, gypsum, glass and stone. In general,a building structure usually consists […]

6 reasons to choose renovation instead of building a new house

Every house owner asks this question one time in their life and is hesitant about which one is suitable. Today in this paper, we are going to answer this question. If you are looking to grow up your family, renovation is the key to the problem. But if you want a smaller house, renovation can […]

Renovation or new build house?

most people considering home renovation as the branch of house building. this assumption maybe is true, but renovation required specialist knowledge and experiment. Luffpier group is one of the most experienced companies with more than 200 renovation building projects in NSW Sydney. the most difference between house renovation and the building is facing with demolishing, […]