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Building Structural Integrity – Ensure Better Protection To Homes

In construction, building structural components called as substructures or frames are essential for every building construction for supporting buildings, dams and monuments. Every building is built with the help of these construction materials. The fundamental building blocks in structural engineering are concrete, bricks, timber, steel, gypsum, glass and stone. In general,a building structure usually consists […]

Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) introduces mandatory registration for engineers in NSW

WHO SHOULD READ THIS All engineers and engineering firms, and the owners, principals and contractors who engage engineers for their projects in the building and construction industry in New South Wales. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW From 1 July 2021, only registered professional engineers (or those under the direct supervision of a registered professional engineer) will […]

What Are the Types of Construction Services?

What are the main types of construction services that can be performed in Australia? For starters, one type of construction service is that of civil engineering. It involves the analysis, design and implementation of plans and layouts for buildings, bridges and other structures. In a way, it covers the planning, implementation and management of the […]