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6 reasons to choose renovation instead of building a new house

Every house owner asks this question one time in their life and is hesitant about which one is suitable. Today in this paper, we are going to answer this question. If you are looking to grow up your family, renovation is the key to the problem. But if you want a smaller house, renovation can […]

Renovation or new build house?

most people considering home renovation as the branch of house building. this assumption maybe is true, but renovation required specialist knowledge and experiment. Luffpier group is one of the most experienced companies with more than 200 renovation building projects in NSW Sydney. the most difference between house renovation and the building is facing with demolishing, […]

Why Permission Is Important For New Developments

The development consent process in the City of Sydney is an essential component of the planning process. The development consent process enables a developer to build on land that has been zoned for development. There are some particular factors to consider in the development consent application, including: the impact on the environment, the impact on […]

What Is Meant by Project Management in Construction?

When it comes to the management of a construction project, most people have the misconception that it is a difficult task that can only be handled by those who are professionally trained for the job. While there may be elements of truth to this belief, it is also necessary for everyone to realize that this […]

What Are Architectural Services?

What are architectural services? These are the services that are involved in the process of building construction. Architectural Services consist of a wide variety of professional services including: design & construction administration, construction documentation preparation, site investigation, site preparation, budget preparation, construction coordination, project management & estimating, technical equipment coordination, civil engineering services, mechanical drafting […]